5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Buyers

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TREEs believe in the idea of knowing their Buyers well, and thoughtfully placing curated wholesale deals with those Buyers.

As with any relationship, the process of getting to know a Buyer and their business is one that takes time.  The longer you work with someone, the better you will get to know them.

But when you’re just meeting a Buyer for the first time, what are the most important initial things you need to learn about them?  If you only have 10 minutes to speak with a new Buyer for the first time, here are the five questions you should focus on first:

  1. What are your favorite neighborhoods to work in? And What level of homes do you like to work on? (entry level homes, average homes, or luxury homes?)
  2. How extensive of construction do you like to do? (major renovations over $50k, minor renovations under $50k, or new construction?).  Who does the work? (you personally, your staff crew, contractors, etc.?)
  3. How do you finance your deals? (with your own cash, hard money, private individuals, bank loans, etc.?)
  4. What are your financial criteria for deals?  (do you need a certain dollar figure of profit, a percentage profit margin, a cash-on-cash return?)
  5. How do you sell your properties? (you’re an agent yourself, you use a different agent, you sell FSBO?)