Racking Up Rentals Podcast

Racking Up Rentals is a show for those of us who never felt at home in the “we buy houses” crowd. In this show, we take a stand against what we call the Lowbrow approach–the mainstream guru-seminar, distressed-seller approach that ends up giving real estate investors a slimy reputation.

Instead, we discuss the strategies, tactics and philosophies we call the Thoughtful way–an enlightened approach to real estate entrepreneurship that focuses on constantly sharpening the sophisticated real estate entrepreneur’s three most critical capabilities:

1. seller relations skills
2. deal architecture skills
3. opportunity vision

When all three of these capabilities are successfully in motion, you can make an excellent living today, AND build long-term wealth while creating value for everyone you touch along the way.

Episode Guide

Episode 209: Client Case Study: Pasha Buys Four Off-Market Duplexes at Once

Episode 208: The #1 Most Important REI Skill

Episode 207: The Best Type of Competition to Have

Episode 206: Two Different Things We MUST Gather From Sellers

Episode 205: Case Study: Tom Uses the Power of Relationship to Negotiate a Great Off-Market, Seller-Financed Triplex

Episode 204: The Best Seller Financing Isn’t From Sellers Who Are Doing a Favor

Episode 203: Should You “Always Be Willing to Walk Away”?

Episode 202: Why to Always Pay for an Inspection

Episode 201: Acquisition Strategies Are Completely Different Sports

Episode 200: 200th Episode! Why I Don’t Think of Tenants as ‘Customers’

Episode 199: “I Can Tell You’re My Kind of People”

Episode 198: Only Buy Deals You’ve Personally Negotiated

Episode 197: The Myth of “Low Inventory”

Episode 196: The INCREDIBLE Growth You Can Experience in Just 5 Years, with Alexandra Haider

Episode 195: “Unreasonable Sellers” and Why I Love Them

Episode 194: 5 Reasons Why You Should Happily Get Seller Financing for a Mere 10% of the Price

Episode 193: Putting Your Strengths to Work in Your Real Estate Investing Endeavors

Episode 192: Find a “School of Thought” to Join

Episode 191: Client Case Study: Ryan Uses Relationship to Negotiate an Awesome Duplex with Seller Financing

Episode 190: A Simple 2-Step Seller Negotiation Framework

Episode 189: Define What You WON’T Do

Episode 188: Using “Seller Bonding” in Multifamily Investing, with Rod Khleif

Episode 187: How to Get Massive Traction in Your Real Estate Investing

Episode 186: Client Case Study Interview: Buying Additional Properties from a Previous Seller

Episode 185: Negotiating With “Tired Landlord” Sellers—Don’t Make This Mistake

Episode 184: Doing Land Deals to Propel Your Rental Portfolio Forward, with Brent Bowers

Episode 183: Get High Acceptances Rates for Your Seller Financing Proposals

Episode 182: Client Case Study: Off-Market Seller Financing Duplex with Steven Young

Episode 181: The Psychology of the Seller Financing Lender

Episode 180: Using Relationship to Negotiate Better Seller Financing Deals, with Gabriel Hamel

Episode 179: Trying to Build a Cash Flowing Portfolio But Feeling Discouraged?

Episode 178: Look for Opportunities, Not Properties

Episode 177: “Is this a Deal?” A Strategic Way to Evaluate Opportunities

Episode 176: The Hidden World of Investment Real Estate

Episode 175: Discover The “Hybrid Investing” Strategy, with Jesse Mills

Episode 174: Don’t Get Down About Down Payments—Part 2 of 2

Episode 173: Don’t Get Down About Down Payments—Part 1 of 2

Episode 172: Case Study: Nate Closes a Great Deal & Sets Himself Up to Buy Many More From the Seller

Episode 171: The Key to Finding Your REI Strategy: The Intersection of The Head and the Heart

Episode 170: How to Qualify for a Seller Financing Loan

Episode 169: Get our New Free Seller Financing 101 Video Training Course!

Episode 168: Do Buyer and Seller Have Opposing Interests?

Episode 167: Make This Adjustment in the New Market Cycle

Episode 166: 3 Powerful Words to Use More in Your Seller Negotiations

Episode 165: Seller Financing in the Changing Market

Episode 164: A Personal Reminder About the Value of Financial Freedom from Rentals

Episode 163: Being a Conscious Investor Through Multifamily Syndication, with Julie Holly

Episode 162: Don’t Wait Until You’re Ready

Episode 161: The Danger of Confusing Price and Value

Episode 160: Find Ways to Say Yes to a Deal, and Reasons to Say No

Episode 159: Mastering Mobile Home Investing, with Adrian Smude

Episode 158: Why Working Direct With the Seller is So Much Better

Episode 157: Every Deal Simply Comes Down to This

Episode 156: Build a Portfolio You Love

Episode 155: Building a Large Local Portfolio, with The Lumberjack Landlord

Episode 154: The Danger of Confusing the Seller

Episode 153: Properties Aren’t Bought by Investors…They’re Sold by Sellers

Episode 152: Is Everything Truly For Sale At The Right Price?

Episode 151: How to Add Units to Your Portfolio, Without Buying More Properties, with “That ADU Guy,” Derek Sherrell

Episode 150: Being an Introvert in Real Estate, with Ashley Harwood

Episode 149: The 2 Key Steps Most Investors Do In The Wrong Order

Episode 148: When Should You Transition to Off-Market Acquisition and Finance?

Episode 147: You Probably Don’t Need As Much Cash As You Think

Episode 146: Doing Your Breakthrough Deal—Client Interview with Michael Monteith

Episode 145: The Optional Appraisal

Episode 144: Why You Need a Coach and How to Pick One

Episode 143: The Invisible Negotiation

Episode 142: The REAL Benefit of Seller Financing

Episode 141: Financial Resilience > Financial Independence

Episode 140: Is the Goal to Pay off the Mortgage?

Episode 139: Skip the Mundane Deals; Do These Instead

Episode 138: “Beautifully Mismanaged” Properties

Episode 137: Relationship Currency—A Live Conversation

Episode 136: The #1 Mistake Investors Make When Trying to Get Seller Financing

Episode 135: Never Hire an Acquisitions Manager

Episode 134: Be the Seller’s “Travel Agent”

Episode 133: 3 Keys to Establishing Enough Credibility to Get Seller Financing

Episode 132: On The Go Episode: Are You Balanced…or Balancing

Episode 131: Part 2: Using The OTHER Four Currencies in Real Estate Investing

Episode 130: Part 1: Using The OTHER Four Currencies in Real Estate Investing

Episode 129: What Game Are You NOT Playing?

Episode 128: Stop Asking This Question; Start Asking Another Instead

Episode 127: How to Create Snowballing Momentum as a New Real Estate Investor, with Lisa Sarullo

Episode 126: Add “Negotiation Dynamic” To Your Buying Criteria

Episode 125: Remember This Secret Truth About Lenders

Episode 124: Thinking Bigger, with Justin Stoddart

Episode 123: The Real Reward of Reaching Financial Freedom

Episode 122: Financial Freedom One Rental at a Time, with Michael Zuber

Episode 120: Strategic Networking, with Brian Trippe

Episode 119: Finding the Hidden Treasure in a Deal

Episode 118: Being a Lazy, Successful Real Estate Investor, with Dion McNeeley

Episode 117: You Don’t Have To See The Whole Path Before Starting

Episode 116: Sellers Always Like THIS Idea the Most

Episode 115: How to “Give Up Bad Days,” with Jeffrey Holst

Episode 114: To Reach Your Goals, “Arrive Before You Depart”

Episode 113: It Doesn’t Matter How Many Deals You’re Analyzing (or Offers You’re Making)

Episode 112: When Problems Become Opportunities

Episode 111: Why Good Marketing is Hard to Measure

Episode 110: Creating Referrals Through Relational Acquisition, with Melissa Johnson

Episode 109: Should You Max Out Your Conventional Loans?

Episode 108: Evaluating Risk Thoughtfully

Episode 107: Understanding Why Your Seller Wants What They Want

Episode 106: Creative Acquisitions, with John Crutchfield

Episode 105: How to BRRRR With Seller Financing

Episode 104: Every Seller is Moving Toward Something, or Away from Something

Episode 103: Thoughtful Home Building, with George Hale

Episode 102: Your Price, My Terms

Episode 101: This is the Perfect Negotiation

Episode 100: Episode #100! An Interview With My Mentor, Greg Pinneo

Episode 99: The Art of Incremental Negotiation

Episode 98: The Value of Emotion in Real Estate Investing

Episode 97: Buying Properties Without Cash Flow

Episode 96: 5 Reasons You Can Still Buy Off-Market, Even in a Seller’s Market

Episode 95: Don’t Be Limited by Your Resources

Episode 94: Financial Independence Through Real Estate, While Keeping a W-2 Job, with Kimberly Kesterke

Episode 93: Should You Buy in a Hot Market?

Episode 92: The Daily Actions Full-Time Real Estate Entrepreneurs Take

Episode 91: Thoughtful Property Management, with Mark Dolfini of Landlord Coach

Episode 90: 3 Steps to Continuously Growing Your Rental Portfolio

Episode 89: Are You Coachable?

Episode 88: Convert What You Have Into What You Want

Episode 87: Do You Have “Imposter Syndrome” When Working With Sellers?

Episode 86: How to Pick Your Off-Market Lead Generation Strategy

Episode 85: A Profitable Deal Comes from Finding the Delta

Episode 84: 3 Difficult Seller Questions and How to Respond to Them

Episode 83: Lack of Money is NOT Your Problem

Episode #82: The Difference Between Sellers Who “Want” to do Seller Financing and Those Who are “Willing To”

Episode #81: What to do When the Seller Says No to Seller Financing Up Front

Episode #80: 5 Steps to Going Full-Time as a Real Estate Entrepreneur

Episode #79: Is “Creative Financing” Really That Creative?

Episode #78: From Pro Athlete to $4 Million BRRRR, with Nat Borchers

Episode #77: What Is Your Seller’s Currency?

Episode# 76: Ask the Seller Questions You Already Know the Answer To

Episode #75: How NOT to Communicate With Your Seller

Episode #74: Why You Should Stop Worrying About DTI

Episode #73: How to Nurture Your Seller Leads With Amazing Follow Up, with Robert Syfert

Episode #72: How to Reach New Levels of Success by Changing the Thermostat Setting of Your Life

Episode# 71: The Two Very Different Types of 1031 Exchange Sellers

Episode #70: Can You Get Better Financing Terms From a Bank Than a Seller?

Episode #69: Episode Title: The 3 Paydays of Buying and Selling on Terms, with Chris Prefontaine

Episode #68: Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast

Episode #67: How to Diagnose and Treat the Real Estate Investor’s Disease, “Deal-itis”

Episode #66: Sellers Say Yes When They Feel Understood

Episode #65: You Have to Put the Relationship in Contract Before You can Put the Property in Contract

Episode #64: Conclusion – Buying Your Primary Residence Off-Market with Seller Financing

Episode #63: Buying Your Primary Residence Off-Market with Seller Financing

Episode #62: Becoming The Person Capable of Success, with Kari Lyke

Episode #61: Managing Your Own Rentals, with Laurence Jankelow from Avail

Episode #60: Deals Are Not “Found,” They Are Created

Episode #59: Building an Intentional Business, with Alex Pardo

Episode #58: Why I Never Buy Properties From Wholesalers

Episode #57: Being Your Own Banker, with Joey Mure and Russ Morgan from Wealth Without Wall Street

Episode #56: Is Marketing for Off-Market Leads More Work Than Doing Listed Properties?

Episode #55: “Failure is NOT an Option”—Retirement Planning for Real Estate Entrepreneurs, with David Rosell

Episode #54: 3 Things You Should Be Doing During the Holidays

Episode #53: The #1 Key to a Successful Off-Market Marketing Strategy

Episode 52: Upgrade from “Driving for Dollars” to “Street Time”

Episode 51: Being a Blissful Real Estate Investor, with Moneeka Sawyer

Episode 50: SHARPEN AND AGREE: Step 6 in The Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework

Episode 49: EMPATHETIC PROPOSAL: Step 5 in The Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework

Episode 48: SOLVE THE DEAL: Step 4 in The Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework

Episode 47: SOLVE THE PERSON: Step 3 in The Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework 

Episode #46: ENGAGE THOUGHTFULLY – Step 2 in The Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework

Episode #45: YOU – Step 1 in the Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework

Episode #44: The Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework for Getting Off-Market Sellers to Accept Your Offers

Episode #43: When Structuring a Deal, Solve for Awesome

Episode #42: When Your Sellers Don’t Want To Do Creative Financing

Episode #41: 5 Ways to Make Money in Self-Storage, with Stacy Rosetti

Episode #40: How to Buy Multiple Properties From the Seller—At the Same Time

Episode #39: What I Learned from Losing a Deal I Really Wanted

Episode #38: Why Off-Market Leads are Better than FSBO

Episode #37:The Most Valuable Seller Leads You Can Find

Episode #36: 3 Huge Benefits of Slowing Down in Your Seller Negotiations

Episode #35: Welcome to Racking Up Rentals!

Episode #34: 5 Steps to Battle Overwhelm (and Some Exciting Changes!)

Episode #33: What Makes Great Real Estate Agents, with Kevin Kauffman

Episode #32: Build Wealth By Revitalizing Small Town Main Streets, with Robb Crocker

Episode #31: Off-Market Seller-Financing Duplex Live Coaching Case Study with New Investor

Episode #30: Aligning Money with Purpose, with Dill Ward

Episode #29: COVID-19, The Perfect Storm of Ethical Opportunity

Episode #28: Crushing Your Real Estate Investing Goals, with Podcaster and Author Josiah Smelser

Episode #27: Key Insights to Uncover About the Seller In Order To Make a Winning Proposal

Episode #26: Marketing “What” You Do, vs. “How” You Do It

Episode #25: When should you start negotiating with the Seller?

Episode #24: How to optimize your deal to squeeze out the most value possible

Episode #23: Opportunity Vision–Seeing all the elements of possibility in a deal

Episode #22: Brian Trippe on the Power of Networking–How Relationships Are Like Rental Properties

Episode #21: Coach Carson on Using Real Estate to Help You Do More of What You Want

Episode #20: Part 2: What Financial Independence Means to a TREE

Episode #19: Part 1: What Financial Independence Means to a TREE

Episode #18: The Most Amazing Part of Owning Rental Properties That Nobody Talks About

Episode #17: Two Different Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom Through Cash Flow

Episode #16: The Real Thing You’re Trying to Create With Your Rental Portfolio

Episode #15: The Role of Rental Properties In a Thoughtful Portfolio

Episode #14: How to Renegotiate With the Seller Based on Your Due Diligence Findings

Episode #13: “Deal Feel”–The 5 Critical Seller Dynamics to Monitor

Episode #12: Conclusion: The Epic Case Study of an Incredible Real Estate Acquisition

Episode #11: The Epic Case Study of an Incredible Real Estate Acquisition

Episode #10: Seller Financing, the Ultimate in Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Episode #9: 5 Myths of Seller Financing

Episode #8: Part 2, Relationship Wholesaling

Episode #7: Part 1, Relationship Wholesaling

Episode #6: The Triple-Threat Acquisition Strategy

Episode #5: Part 2: The 3 Categories of Seller Marketing, & Which Are Lowbrow and Thoughtful

Episode #4: Part 1: The 3 Categories of Seller Marketing, & Which Are Lowbrow and Thoughtful

Episode #3: Why Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneurs Buy Property Directly From Sellers

Episode #2: The Difference Between Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Episode #1: Introducing the Sleaze-Free Real Estate Investing Podcast