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I’m Jeff, the Founder and Editor of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur (TREE) and I’d like to personally welcome you to this community.  I wanted you to start here, because I’m a big picture guy, and I’d like to give you the big picture of who we are before you dive into the details. That way, as you read articles and explore, you’ll understand the context that those articles fit into.  If you’re interested, you can learn more about me here.

What We Are All About

In our opinion, most of the education, content and training out there about real estate investing seems to have been created for people who are, well…not like us.  So much of it simply feels what we call “Lowbrow” and just doesn’t resonate with us, like:

  • Get rich quick mentality
  • Magic bullet tricks to make all the hard work go away
  • Finding distressed (excuse us, “motivated”) sellers to exploit make offers to
  • Taking standing next to fancy sports cars
  • Slick tricks and escape clauses to put in any purchase agreement so you can get out of it any time
  • “We buy houses” signs


The list goes on. And on, and on AND ON….

We figured there must be a resource out there for the more Thoughtful people–the humble, authentic type who want to be successful building wealth with real estate, but are not willing to do so in a way that feels gross and disingenuous. But there wasn’t.

That’s why I created The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur–to provide down-to-earth guidance on wealth creation for reputable investors.

We’ll teach you how to invest in real estate without being sleazy, so you can build wealth and leave a trail of good. 

If that fits you, read on–I’m glad you’re here!

Read These Articles First

To get the most out of this site, I’d recommend you start by reading the following articles first.  These will set the tone and message for you as you move forward.

  1. Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur:  What it means to be one

What We Believe

Before you invest your time and energy in me, it’s important you know what you’re getting into.  Because let’s be honest–our perspectives may be a little contrarian to mass market real estate education, and we’re not interested in pretending we’re the right tribe for everybody.  Here’s what we believe, so you can decide if you want to invest your energy and heart in learning from our point of view:

  1. We believe human relationships are the key to successful real estate investing. This business–especially the way TREEs do it–is about people, and you have to solve the person and their needs before you can solve the property.
  2. We believe real estate is finance in a disguise made of dirt, sticks and bricks. The key to making money in real estate it to master the financial structures that underpin the real estate.  With this in mind…
  3. We believe real estate investing mastery requires both sides of the brain. Because of both the human and financing elements, you must be able to successfully master both the relational and analytical aspects.
  4. We believe that quick, simple 3-step how-to silver-bullet shortcuts are truly a disservice to you. You won’t find tactical posts like “10 easy steps to XYZ” here; instead, you’ll find reflective articles that help you learn the underlying principles behind the tactics that work. Similarly…
  5. We believe that wisdom is more valuable than information. Wisdom can be applied over and over again in many different situations and contexts; information is usually only useful in specific situations.  I do my best to convey the wisdom I’ve gained.

How To Get The Most Out of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur

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