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The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur is a resource and community for moral, relationship-oriented real estate investors–both active and aspiring–who want to build stable wealth while doing right by people.

We offer Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneurs (TREEs):

  • Education about how to invest in real estate the Thoughtful way
  • Insights about how to create and run a real estate investment business the Thoughtful way
  • Reflections and ideas about how to build a Thoughtful life and business

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About Jeff Stephens

Founder and Editor

Jeff Stephens has been a full-time entrepreneur since 2003.  Jeff started and ran a marketing agency for 10 years, specializing in brand strategy for community banks and credit unions.  In 2006, he discovered “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and it changed his life.  He immediately began devouring education about real estate investing, and quickly bought his first rental property–a triplex in Portland, OR.

In 2013, Jeff sold his marketing agency and transitioned to full-time real estate entrepreneurship.  Jeff loves to share lessons from his own path of entrepreneurship, real estate, personal finance and personal development. His hope is that these thoughts and reflections will help others who are on a similar journey of their own, and inspire discussion we can all learn and benefit from.

Jeff also speaks and present at conferences and seminars about real estate investing, branding, marketing and entrepreneurship.

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