My Top Recommended Books for Seller Financing

People are always asking me for resources to learn Seller Financing. I think someday I need to write my own book! In the meantime, I wanted to put together some recommended books by other authors. (Please note: there are many affiliate links on this page).

Here they are, in no particular order:


“Now, you can. Discover the best-kept secrets of the two creative, effective financing strategies other investors don’t want you to know about: Master Lease Options and Seller Financing.

Real estate investor Bill Ham used these strategies to buy his first 400 units without ever stepping into a bank or qualifying for a loan.”

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“In this book, you will learn many different styles of creative seller financing. Seller financing is when the seller of a property makes a loan for a buyer to purchase the seller’s property. The outside-the-box application of seller financing is creative seller financing in action.”

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“This book will show you how to buy and sell properties with zero cash or credit and take chunks of cash every time you close a deal. It will also show you how to buy and HOLD properties using the same techniques…It will show you how to build a huge portfolio of property in a very short period of time. You will make money every time you buy a new ‘no down payment’ property and you will build your passive monthly cash flow with every property you buy.”

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“In this book you’re going to learn: How to get paid to build your cash flow. How to generate cash flow without being a landlord. How to get paid six ways on your deals. How to recognize what properties are good to owner finance. How to make money on the properties that aren’t good to owner finance. How to find private money for your deals. How to sell notes with little to no discount. …and much, much more!”

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“Active real estate investor and co-host of The BiggerPockets Podcast, Brandon Turner, dives into multiple financing methods that professional investors use to tap into current real estate markets. Not only will you be able to navigate the world of creative real estate finance, but you’ll get more mileage out of any real estate investment strategy.”

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Read On Your iPad or Kindle

I love reading these books on my iPad using my Kindle app. It’s great for travel so that I don’t have to lug around heavy books, and I can get them on-demand whenever I want. Here’s a special offer on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program–check it out.


“In this short work, the author of The Land Flipper: Turning Dirt into Dollars covers the basics of owner financing from the perspective of both buyers and sellers. What is it? How does it work? What are some of the specific issues to consider when approaching an owner-financed deal? In an overview of three decades spent flipping land, E.B. Farmer discusses how seller financing benefits both sides of the transaction and how a bit of contractual maneuvering can be used to make difficult real estate deals happen quickly and with ease.”

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“The first book of its kind on Seller Financing and Real Estate Notes in The Dodd-Frank Era. Find out how to precisely navigate ‘The New Shift in Real Estate Finance.’”

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“This book shows novice investors how author Wendy Patton and thousands of other Americans–including well-known real estate developers and business moguls–use lease options and subject-to deals to control valuable property without necessarily owning it. The cost of purchasing an option or subject-to deal is a fraction of what it costs to buy a home…”

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“In this book, we explore the Advanced Creative Financing strategies that an investor can use to raise financing and capital for their real estate investments under almost any circumstance.”

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Thank you for reading my top 10 most recommended books for seller financing! Now get out there, grab some books, and start reading!