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  • Acquisition Strategies Are Completely Different Sports

    Acquisition Strategies Are Completely Different Sports

    Most real estate investors are open to many different acquisition strategies for finding, negotiating and financing their deals. Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, tend to be more selective, and stick to the acquisition strategies that best fit their talents and gifts. In this episode, Jeff describes why employing different acquisition strategies is like playing completely different sports, and explains how this can hinder an investor’s growth.

  • 200th Episode! Why I Don’t Think of Tenants as ‘Customers’

    200th Episode! Why I Don’t Think of Tenants as ‘Customers’

    As real estate investors and rental property owners, are tenants our customers? Seems like an obvious question with an obvious ‘yes’ answer, but when we look at it from a different perspective we get a different answer.  In this special 200th episode of Racking Up Rentals, Jeff explains why he does NOT see tenants as customers, and instead sees them in a different role. This change of perspective reframes entirely how we see the business of building a rental portfolio.

  • “I Can Tell You’re My Kind of People”

    “I Can Tell You’re My Kind of People”

    The holy grail of relationship-based negotiation and Seller Relations is when your Seller says—or even thinks—“I can tell you’re my kind of people.”  In this episode, Jeff tells the story of a coaching client’s recent deal, in which the coaching client got the deal as a result of successfully building rapport and leading the Seller to the natural conclusion that the buyer was “their kind of people.”

  • Only Buy Deals You’ve Personally Negotiated

    Only Buy Deals You’ve Personally Negotiated

    Many real estate investors have a mentality of “I don’t care where the deals come from as long as they make sense.” These investors are more than happy to buy properties from wholesalers, through real estate agents, or any other source.  But as Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneurs, we aren’t interested in buying properties negotiated by other people—at all.  In this episode, Jeff explains why TREES are so committed to negotiating their own purchases, and discusses the critical differences between buying “properties” and buying “opportunities.”

  • The Myth of “Low Inventory”

    The Myth of “Low Inventory”

    Real estate investors in today’s market are finding it difficult to buy properties the traditional way. One of the main difficulties they lament is “low inventory.” But is inventory really low? And is “low inventory” even an issue that should affect them? In this episode, Jeff reframes what inventory is, explains why there’s not really low inventory at all and why higher inventory isn’t necessarily better.  Most importantly, Jeff explains how you can continue to grow your portfolio regardless of what the inventory statistics say.