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  • Episode 19: Part 1: What ‘Financial Independence’ Means to a TREE

    Episode 19:  Part 1:  What ‘Financial Independence’ Means to a TREE

    Share This: Episode #19: Part 1: What ‘Financial Independence’ Means to a TREE Episode Summary Listen to the episode on iTunes Listen on Spotify As real estate entrepreneurs and investors, the topic of financial independence and financial freedom is a familiar one we think about often.  In recent years, the topic of financial independence has […]

  • Understanding Inflation vs Appreciation

    Understanding Inflation vs Appreciation

    Share This: In 2002, my wife and I bought our first home. We paid around $190,000 for it, and by about 2005, it had ‘appreciated’ to closer to $275,000.  Why? We had done some cosmetic work to it, and the neighborhood we bought in improved quite a bit; but most importantly, the economy had simply strengthened […]

  • Ray Dalio’s Economic Principles (Video)

    Ray Dalio’s Economic Principles (Video)

    Share This: I recently listened to Tony Robbin’s book, “Money Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom.” In the book–which I will review and cover in a separate post soon–Tony speaks a great deal about his interviews with Ray Dalio, the founder of financial powerhouse Bridgewater Associates. Ray and his team created a great […]

  • The Rolling University

    The Rolling University

    Share This: A close friend just texted me and asked: “I have a 10-hour solo car drive coming up. Can you recommend some audio books?” Great question! My friend is working on a new startup business and we have a shared interest in real estate and entrepreneurship, so I know a little about what he […]