Introducing “Living An Entrepreneurial Life,” My New Real Estate Investing Blog on BiggerPockets.Com

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Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 8.51.50 PMI am pleased to announce that I’ve begun sharing my ideas, experiences and reflections on an entrepreneurial life in a new real estate investing blog on BiggerPockets.com, called “Living An Entrepreneurial Life.”   This is–of course–a new real estate investing blog in addition to the writing and sharing I do here at jwarrens.com.  Depending on the topic of my posts and where I feel they fit best, I will choose to post new articles either over on BiggerPockets.com or right here on this main site.

My first post is called “It’s Not The Critic Who Counts: Handling Criticism of Your Business,” and in it I discuss my experiences, battles and victories dealing with one of the inevitabilities of real estate investing and entrepreneurship: receiving criticism. Check it out!

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