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  • Define What You WON’T Do

    Define What You WON’T Do

    We all know the power of setting goals, declaring the actions we will take—even if they are outside our comfort zone—and then taking those actions to progress towards our goals. But what about the opposite—defining what we WON’T do? It turns out there is great value in setting boundaries that eliminate certain possibilities. In this episode, Jeff explains the value and importance of defining what we WON’T do, and describes the number one most important thing to decide NOT to do.

  • Using “Seller Bonding” in Multifamily Investing, with Rod Khleif

    Using “Seller Bonding” in Multifamily Investing, with Rod Khleif

    It’s no secret that if you want to grow a portfolio, buying multifamily rentals can boost your portfolio size, door count and monthly income quickly.  In this episode, Jeff interviews multifamily real estate investing legend Rod Khleif.  Rod shares his epic journey—including both highs and lows—in real estate investing, explains why he feels we will be facing an economic downturn, discusses the importance of giving, and explains “seller bonding” and how it can be used to buy properties with Seller Financing. Rod Khleif is the author of “How to Create Lifetime Cash Flow Through Multifamily Properties: The New Rules of Real Estate Investing,” and one of the leading educators for multifamily real estate investors.

  • How to Get Massive Traction in Your Real Estate Investing

    How to Get Massive Traction in Your Real Estate Investing

    At the beginning of a real estate investing journey, there’s a lot of necessary exploration. We are learning and trying out lots of new ideas, approaches, strategies and more.  But ultimately, if we want to make meaningful progress in our real estate investing endeavors, we need to settle into an investing approach that we can replicate over and over again—that’s when we get the most traction and make the most progress.  In this episode, Jeff shares a seldom-discussed key aspect of finding that sweet spot that will create the most possible traction:  adopting a strategy that is at the intersection of the head and the heart.

  • The Rolling University

    The Rolling University

    Share This: A close friend just texted me and asked: “I have a 10-hour solo car drive coming up. Can you recommend some audio books?” Great question! My friend is working on a new startup business and we have a shared interest in real estate and entrepreneurship, so I know a little about what he […]