Doing Your Breakthrough Deal—Client Interview With Michael Monteith

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When you embark on a new path, learning new skills and attempting to do something you’ve never done before, that new path is by definition full of uncertainty and challenges. And while many people address their fears and discomfort by stepping off the path entirely, others continue to move forward bravely and boldly. In this episode, Jeff interviews Michael Monteith, a coaching client from The DEALS Workshop. Michael shares insights about his journey and experiences doing his first off-market deal with Seller Financing, lessons learned and aha moments that not only got the deal done, but make him more confident moving forward into his future deals as well.

Episode Transcript

The game of telephone, which is what I how I view, you know, the typical real estate process for a real estate agent would have resulted in something completely different and would have resulted in a deal that I probably would not want to want it to. To continue with. So absolutely no, no doubt about it because of what I was have been able to do through relationships. Now.

Welcome to racking up rentals, a show about how regular people, those of us without huge war chest of capital or insider connections, can build lasting wealth acquiring a portfolio of buy and hold real estate. But we don’t just go mainstream looking at what’s on the market and asking banks for loans, nor are we posting WE BUY HOUSES signs, we’re just looking for quote, motivated sellers to make lowball offers to. You see, we are people oriented deal makers, we sit down directly with sellers to work out Win Win deals without agents or any other obstacles, and buy properties nobody else even knows are for sale. I’m Jeff from the thoughtful real estate entrepreneur. If you’re the kind of real estate investor who wants long term wealth, not get rich quick gimmicks or pictures of yourself holding fat checks on social media, this show is for you. Join me and quietly become the wealthiest person on your block. Now let’s go rack up a rental portfolio. Hey, thank you for joining me for another episode of racking up rentals. This one is a really special one. And I’m so excited to share it with you. Show Notes for this episode can be found at thoughtful rt e.com/e 146. Please do us a big favor by hitting the subscribe or follow button and your podcast app. It really helps fellow thoughtful real estate entrepreneurs to find this show honored with today’s episode. And in today’s episode, it’s such a pleasure for me to share a conversation that I just had with Michael Monti, who is a member of the deals workshop, our workshop group coaching program that helps people learn the whole art from marketing all the way through negotiating all the way through managing their portfolio of how to buy properties off market with seller financing. And Michael just completed his first deal, which is actually a great deal as well. And so we had this opportunity not just to talk about the deal itself, but also just the experience of starting in trying something new and trying a new approach and learning new things and the process of trying things and it doesn’t work, right. And then this conversation goes well and you get excited. And then the next one makes you feel like a little bit frustrated. But staying the course and sticking with it to the point where you get great results is something that’s just part of the human condition, we can all relate to that. And so I’m so excited for Michael to share his story for you. So without further ado, let’s get to the interview. So Michael, you just had a big win actually a couple of wins. We’re going to talk a little bit about both of those. But before we do just kind of give us a sense of what was your when you enter the deals workshop, like what was your real estate experience at that point.

So I had been in the state of analysis paralysis for for many centuries. It seemed like at least looking at the different ways to actually do real estate and approach real estate itself but never really made any big moves. whatsoever. I had a I had a property that I own for quite a while. And that property had become a rental somewhat accidentally. And so I was working through that. But that’s really the extent of it. I felt like I knew a lot about it without doing it

at all. Yeah. Yeah. So you you joined us in the deals workshop. And I would say from my perspective, very immediately, very diligently dove in. And we’re very committed to everything, you know, you’re very good student, let’s put it that way. Right. You’re doing the things you’re supposed to be doing. Doing the training, sending the letters and all that. But Did did you immediately just get like a flood of money coming back to you within you know, a

week? No, no, I think this is huge. I think I think it’s a good question. I mean, so yeah, I mean, it came back and I went through kind of ups and downs as you you know, we may have talked about through that period of listen, I’m doing due diligence, everything else I’m not necessarily seeing you know, quick results, and I knew that could possibly be the case right but because I’m a questioning myself type of person and I’ve been in analysis paralysis for so long. That just continues as you try to evolve your mindset which I think Neil’s program helped me with tremendously. So no, definitely not a an immediate response. Watch. But through consistency, those responses started to come. And I’ll tell you that even when they started to come, it wasn’t necessarily as comfortable as I want it to be when those they first started coming. But through talking with people, it became much easier. For me, it ultimately led to, you know, the ones that I’m working on currently right now. Which I mean, it only I think I’ve told you this before, it only takes one. And, and we and we got there. But through consistency, making sure that we were I personally was doing the program going forward, I had a personal responsibility to make sure that happened.

Yeah, absolutely. So during those first few months, when you were, you know, consistently doing what you were supposed to be doing. And you were getting conversations and things, but nothing was kind of perfectly coming together. Right? There were a few somewhat promising things that came and then and then they didn’t quite pan out quite as well as you thought. So what did it take for you to kind of keep going? Because I think there’s a lot of people who would just say, like, oh, this doesn’t work, or it works, but I can’t do it, or I’m just not cut out for this. What was it that kept you kept those concerns at bay, at least enough for you to keep going?

Yeah, I think a big component of my success, up to this point has been the deals program, but also the deals group. The people who are in deals with me, I think, are a huge part of this, the community that has been built through deals, I think, is huge. Because whereas we’re all going through the same types of things, right, and I may not get that deal. At the same time somebody else does. But I’m learning through people who have been able to make those deals, go to fruition, and learn through their experience and, and go through that with them, which I think helped to, to to encourage me to continue to go and to and to understand that the only way to be able to be successful is doing exactly what what everybody else in the group is doing is that continuing and then watching those successes and feeding off those successes. So I think that was I think that was a huge part of it.

Yeah, it’s so it’s so cool to me to see that exact thing you just mentioned, because I have to admit, when I when I created the deals workshop, I knew that having peers together would be helpful, but I didn’t, I had no idea actually just how valuable that would be from kind of a mastermind perspective and a group, you know, momentum and, and peer to peer encouragement and stuff like that. And so it to me, it turns out, like, that’s actually one of the biggest parts of the whole thing is, is being surrounded by other people who are not just getting after it, but getting after it sort of in the same like school of thought that you are, right, I mean, the same overall kind of approach and things like that.

Yeah, I think that’s key. I mean, I think we all go through, you know, we’re all in somewhat different areas. And we have our local real estate groups, right, that we that we talk with, and, and a lot of what we hear is kind of the I would call the typical approach, right to real estate and those types of things. And so it’s easy, I think, to, to kind of get into a squirrel mentality and continue to go to these different places that we’re just used to be right, but having that hub group to kind of bring you back to, you know, what we’re talking about, and how we are approaching things, and then watching the successes. It’s been, it’s been huge.

Yeah, yeah, that’s cool. So as you’ve experienced, you know, the, the journey, I’d say probably of any type of entrepreneurship, real estate not being any different, maybe even more so. But, you know, you got the ups and the downs, like the emotional roller coaster side of it, right? They, I just signed up, oh, my gosh, I’m so fired up. Then three weeks later, like, oh, you know, wondering, like, I got some calls, I’m not sure if they’re good. And then then something really promising. And then something feels frustrating. So you stayed the course through that. But let’s talk about where you are in some of the UPS right now with so would you mind telling us just a little bit about the purchase that you just made?

Yeah, so definitely ups and downs. As we as we’ve gone through things where you think it’s going to be this deal is going to kind of come to fruition and it doesn’t necessarily get there on what you learned through that experience. But but most recently, yes, I was through the, through the marketing campaigns that we do in thoughtful letters that that are sent out. I did find a seller who was not local to the area, but did have a property here that was local to the area and was able to build a relationship and it wasn’t it wasn’t a you know, call and talk to one time and Okay, now we’re gonna move forward. This was multiple, multiple touches and a couple of months of building relations. She’s going through the process with them coming up with the time for them to actually come into town to meet face to face and and talk about them mostly, but then also the property as well, to see where where we could where we might be able to go with it. So through that process, I was able to secure a contract on the on the property itself. And through incremental negotiation throughout that process, I think it ended up to turn better turned out better than I ever thought it was going to be able to turn turn out.

Yeah, yeah. So you know, as I as I was preparing for this, you know, I put a few things in my notes and the header for this section I put down as suspend your disbelief. So I, to me, as I look at your story, I think there are two things that probably were, you know, bits of previous disbelief, or somebody from the outside would say, nobody would ever blank. And I think there were two things that came up there. Right. So the first one, let me ask you about this, the first one was simply the price. You know, nobody would ever sell their property for less than they could sell it for on the market, let alone significantly less, but you have that experience. So can you tell us a little bit about like that part of the story?

Yeah, I mean, I think that all came down to really identifying what was important to the person who was selling that property and keeping an open mind that not everybody just wants cash, and they want the highest amount of cash they can absolutely get. So through talking with the seller, you know, what came out of that was, it was really a situation to where the property needed some work, did not want to do that work had no interest in whatsoever, the property, they lived out of state, and you know, four hours away, and really wanted to have this done as quickly as possible. And to make it as easy as possible through that process itself. And all of that became paramount above and beyond the dollars and cents, not that they didn’t want to get paid for the property. But it just wasn’t the most important thing in their in their mind. Right. So through talking about those scenarios, and pushing on the buttons of Okay, let’s get this done as easy quickly for you as we possibly can. Price became second door secondary, which allowed me to purchase the property at a very deep discount, maybe 25% or so off of what it maybe would have gone for on the retail market.

Yeah. So you you figured out what was most important to them, and really framed your whole proposal around making sure they were getting as much of that as possible. You know, one of the things you mentioned there is it needed some work. And you know, for anybody listening or watching, they might what they might assume it was like, oh, what it needed, you know, $50,000 of repairs. And so I was able to negotiate a you know, $70,000 discount or something. But this really wasn’t like that wasn’t we’re talking about pretty minor types of things.

It was a very cosmetic, we say cosmetic, I’m talking about some carpet, some paint a little bit of work on a deck. I mean, this was literally like, homeowner weekend projects, right, that needed to be done to the to the property itself. So this was not extensive and not very expensive. From a renovation constant.

Yeah. So this is really valued. The ease and speed of the idea of selling a property to you. It wasn’t that they were completely out of touch with reality about the market or anything like that. It’s just that they valued. getting this done easier, more pleasantly with more trust, than than the price difference. Is that a fair way to put it?

Fair, let me take it a step further. So I knew that when they came in, they were setting up meetings with brokers, real estate agents to come and see the property at the same time they were seeing me. So when you you know, they knew, right, what potentially could come out of this property, they were talking with other people throughout that and they had multiple Realtors come through and say, you know, we get listed for this if you do this and all those different types of things. So they they knew perfectly well what they could get out of the property if they wanted to. But when we met, I was able to uncover the real need that they were looking for, or the solution they were looking for. And secured that way so so again, this wasn’t a you know, they didn’t know what they what they could do. It’s just that wasn’t what it was important to them in the process. Yeah,

I think that’s such an important point that if you if a person is new to the idea of real estate investing, they probably just don’t really think that that’s possible, you know, or they hear about kind of what we do in our in our strategy in the deals workshop and stuff and they think oh yeah, but that you know, That sounds great. But in reality, nobody wants to do that. But you’ve you’ve proven, I mean to yourself, but now to other people that that is possible, we just have to be able to, you know, look for those people listen to them establish, establish the thing that they do want, right? Because in order to get that speed, ease all of that kind of stuff, you really had to have relationship with them. Right? If you were just sort of transactional, arm’s length. I don’t see, I don’t see you having been able to accomplish with this deal, what you did, if you treated it more transactional, this is all about

getting to know them. It was all about the rapport with us, it was all about trust on both sides, to be honest with you, it was it was trust them understanding that I was there to help in any way I possibly could. And it was trusting that they would do what they said to me as well, that was built through that process. And so, so absolutely, I mean, this all was relationship, it was all built on trust throughout the entire process, and staying really close to to that seller, throughout the entire process to make sure that things were going the way that I said that they would go, yeah,

and I just I just love this too, because you’re personally like you, Michael, your ability to connect with people and develop rapport with them, is a strength of yours. And if you were out there just looking at listed properties, sending emails to a broker and asking them to write something off that you would just document like that strength in that skill of yours would just be completely on the sidelines wouldn’t be giving you any benefit at all. But in this case, it became actually your primary, I would say your primary attribute in strength and getting this deal done.

Absolutely. And that’s been driven home to me through this transaction and suits us to some others that I’m talking with. Currently, right now, the game of telephone, which is what I how I view, you know, the typical real estate process through real estate agents would have resulted in something completely different. And would have resulted in a deal that I probably would not want to want it to have to contend with. So absolutely no, no doubt about it. I’m avoiding the game of telephone which I either real estate agent, businesses, which is I can because of what I was have been able to do through relationships now. Yeah.

So not only is it back to this, like the the header of suspend your disbelief, we talked about price. So not only did you close this deal with basically about six figures of instant equity, like at the closing table. The other thing that’s that’s about disbelief, and again, like I watched your own journey in this was the the journey of exploration of the topic of seller financing with with the seller. It didn’t look likely at the beginning. But that’s how you close it. So can you tell us just a little bit about how did that happen? What changed from when you first kind of parotid that idea towards the versus at the end when you did get it done that way?

Yeah, I think it’s a it’s all about reframing and all about the trust that you just talked about. And I think it’s I think it’s about, you know, what I said the beginning, which was the incremental negotiation side of things. So, when I first met with when I first but eventually, when I made the proposal to the seller, to purchase the property, seller financing was one of my options to them, because through the process of getting to know them, it was a possibility that they may be interested in going that way. They ultimately decided that no, that’s not what they wanted to do. And this would be a straight purchase, not a seller finance deal. Which for me, it was really because of the deal was fine either way but would have loved of course to have the the seller financing side of things. But throughout so what I did then was of course go secure financing this case with a private lender at a interest rate that wasn’t exactly happy with still know what the deal but wasn’t happy with but needed to do it to be able to get to get the deal done and to get it to where it needs to be closed. Throughout that time, though, I was still talking with the with the seller on a regular basis. And I would bring up the seller financing and just kind of keeping it in the mind of that seller in the hopes that eventually maybe I would find a way to be able to reframe that and be able to get them to say okay, that makes sense for us now, and again, I think this is key. It wasn’t that it was all about me through that process. I truly because of some of the things they told me I thought that it was would be a good situation for them as well. Oh, and so eventually is I secured the private lending outside. And towards the end of the transaction, I went back with them one last time to ask about the seller financing. But this time it was a little bit reframed, right, because it truly I was not looking forward to pay in this private lender, what I needed was going to have to pay them right, I truly would rather have paid the seller, you know, a portion of that money and not somebody that I really did not know all that well. And was at a high a high percentage. And so I went back to them and reframe, reframed, reframed it to where that was the case, right, I’d rather pay you all the money that I’m going to have to pay to finance it. But also, if if you all are amenable to being able to do that, we probably can get this closed faster than what we were marching towards at that point, which was very important for them just to be able to get out and get back home four hours away and not have to continue to worry about the property itself. So when I reframed it that way for them, really same terms, as I had talked about before, nothing really changed as far as the seller financing portion of it. But at that point, they said, Yep, makes sense. Let’s, let’s go ahead, and let’s move forward with it. And so that’s how I made the switch back to seller financing.

So you you brought up seller financing at the beginning, and they sit down and valid idea, but that doesn’t seem right. And then you brought it up towards the end, that’s eventually when they said yes, did it come up again, kind of in the middle somewhere, too.

Yeah, I touch base with probably a couple of times, not even once about the seller financing and, and I won’t get into the details, but that had to do with where they were going to be putting the money itself. And how you know, this, the seller financing side of things may be a more consistent better bet for what they were that they were going to do. So I so I approached it a couple of times during the during the middle just keeping it again, just keep it in in their mind. And they were not. They still were not ready to say yes. Until till we got to the end.

Yeah. Okay, so seller financing came up at least three, maybe four times during this transaction? And eventually the answer was yes. So here’s I guess the point I sort of want to tease out here is, again, under the header of like, suspend your disbelief. Most investors would right off the bat, say, sellers don’t do seller financing, especially in a seller’s market. Why even ask it’s a waste of time. Okay, so they wouldn’t have talked about it. Time number one. If it talked about a time number one, and the seller sort of said, doesn’t really sound right, they certainly wouldn’t have gone on and kind of gently brought it back up again, later, times number two, and number three, and they certainly would not have brought it up the fourth and final time. Right. But you did. And I think one of the important points here is that this could if not handled correctly, come across as the celery way, Michael for crying out loud, how many times do I have to tell you we don’t want to do that. But that’s not at all what happened right because because of the way you had that conversation and I think this is just such an unbelievably important point is that you can never try you can just dismiss it as impossible in the first place. You could take an easy no the second time or you could keep going and but keep going in a sensitive and actually responsive way so that you’re bringing the topic back up continues every time to actually kind of get closer and closer and closer to being framed in the in the light that is exactly what mattered most of them right.

Absolutely. And I think I think it comes down to again I’m gonna bring it back to a relationship but also the intention and and on your part on the on my part in this case of really trying to come from a good place understand where they’re coming from trying to fit it into to their needs themselves. And through that they feel that at least in this case, they felt that so they knew that it wasn’t just me trying to just come back and say what about seller financing What about seller financing where but we’ve come to which comes across as that’s what I want. Right? And not that this is this is something that you know that that’s good for the actual seller themselves. So I think they felt that if they hadn’t felt tilted just like you talked about, they probably wouldn’t like just shut up Stop. Stop asking me about my basket me about seller financing and it would have put a seed in In the back of their minds, like, is this the right thing to list the right thing to do? Yeah,

absolutely. You know, one thing I keyed in on you said a little bit ago was, you said something like this a couple times. But that that you truly felt like, every time you sort of brought it up that it really, honestly was in their best interest. And I think that that the level of sincerity there comes through, in in your message, right? Because if you’re just if you just show up, and it’s real obvious, it’s like, well, here’s what I want, I’m just gonna kind of keep hitting you over the head with what I want. That doesn’t go well. But when when you honestly feel like that is something that is a good way to address the exact goals that they’ve told you that they have this sincerity that comes through naturally as you present that is they pick up on that, for sure. You know, it’s not it doesn’t come across as a self serving thing.

As one, right, absolutely. Key Point, if we’re not coming to this with the right intentions on our side, it’s going to be felt no doubt about it. And I saw that through this through this process. And I’ll tell you, I mean, I built the relationship enough and and, and still talk right and still talking with the seller right now. Because I still think long term where they’re in this is this is me trying to help them, I think that where they’re eventually going to going to put their money is still not necessarily the right place, or at least not all of it. So I’m still talking with them to potentially use some of that money, right? To invest with me to again, through the relationship process itself.

Yeah, absolutely. So in this case, you you you bought a property with instant six figures of equity, you, you got seller financing, which I remember when we did the math, we figured out in the first, you know, the first year this financing save you around $16,000, roughly, as I recall, and you now have a great relationship with somebody who you can stay in touch with who will see and watch you perform on this seller financing loan. And we’ll be more than happy when they see your name pop up on their caller ID to call in the future. So that next year when you’ve got another deal, and that there’s an opportunity for someone to contribute a couple $100,000 to this next purchase. They’re warmed up, they’re ready to go. They like you they trust you. They’ve had one full cycle with you where you’ve done exactly as you’ve said, so you really get a lot of wins out of just this one thing going so well.

Absolutely, there’s no there’s no doubt about it. I mean, this has been a great experience, not that I did everything. Correct through the through the experience, I’m sure but been a great experience of learning that. And I was one of the people who came in thinking, you know, this may not be all that possible. And so and so to see it to see it work all the way across with dedication and consistency has been

It’s been huge. Yeah, absolutely. You’ve you’ve gone through the full cycle of, of seeing that as possible. Now your own belief is basically reinforced, as well. So you mentioned a little bit ago, that you are continuing to have more seller conversations. I just wanted to bring this up too, because I think there’s a lot of people who might say, well, I, you know, I spent myself in the in the pursuit of this one property, maybe I don’t have any money left, right, that’s not exactly the situation here or I bought one, I’m good to go or, you know, I should rest. Now I should save up money for downpayment again, or whatever it might be. Don’t want to go too fast. But you are continuing to be persistent and consistent in your pursuit of more opportunity. So tell us about that. Why why are you continuing didn’t even cross your mind to say, well, I got one I’m good for now I’ll take a break or

No, I think it’s quite the opposite action. For me, and maybe this is personality type. But I think that once you prove a concept, and you see how that concept can work, it gives you that much more confidence to continue to go. Right. And so for me, this concrete, concretely, that’s a word made it clear that this is something that that that can’t happen. And so it made me go even harder, probably than I was before to find more opportunities. And the reason is because and I think when he talks about you know, you don’t necessarily have the downpayment, or these are the things that come in into mind. That what will we do in the deals program itself? Kind of suspends a lot of that because there’s so many different ways to be able to to make these deals work themselves, right. So it gave me confidence in myself to not worry about that so much. And want to just push forward because it can work and I’ve seen it work now.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, when I think about this, at least from my perspective, this approach, it comes down to us being able to enable ourselves to grow our portfolios continuously, I feel like this word continuous, is relevant for some reason, because, you know, a lot of people, they, they go through the hard work, and it’s a lot of work and education and stuff, and they buy a property, and then it’s like, okay, now I have to let my debt to income settle. And I have to let the property season you know, and and I have to save up a down payment again, and, and if there are any, keep monitoring my credit and make sure it’s alright. But this, this way of doing things kind of allows you to always have irons in the fire. And of course, every deal is going to be different, right? This one in this particular case, didn’t end up taking any cash, maybe the next one will some more than others, but allows you to kind of continuously be pursuing this rather than like stair step, like I made a step. And now I have to wait and I can you know, two years, I can do it again. And three, five years, I can do it again, this is more like a continuous process. So I’m really excited that you are just continuing to like, well, let’s roll right into the next one.

Let’s just say you say that because I met with a real estate agent this morning for for coffee, just learning about the market from their from, from his view and other things. And one of his questions to me was one of the questions I have for you is how much cash do you have to invest? And interesting question coming from our point of view, right? So I said, I said, What do you? What do you mean by that? Like when you say cash? What do you mean by how much cash? Do I have invest? It couldn’t really explain it. But I said, I think you’re talking about how much do I have in an account that I can put out there? Versus so many, so many other aspects that I can tap into, to be able to bring what is needed to whatever deal I may come come across, right? So interesting concept, when you started thinking about of cash versus resources and resources being much larger, even if you have cash, maybe you don’t want to use it. So having the confidence to be able to find and use those resources made me answer that question very differently

to him. Yeah. That’s, that’s cool. I love how now that you know that you’ve gone through this cycle of having a personal experience with this. That same guy might have asked you the same question a year ago, and it might have seemed like a totally normal question. Whereas now you hear it with a different set of ears almost. Because, you know, one of the things I always say is, to me anyway, is my definition, investors, gather up resources, and then they go find something to try to place the resources into, but we’re really acting more as entrepreneurs, which means we’re going out we’re finding and creating opportunity. And then we’re saying, Okay, now what resources do I need to gather in order to take advantage of that? Opportunity? So that what he that question, just even the framing of that question, is such an investment oriented mentality, like, oh, I assume you have gathered some resources, and now you’re looking for someplace to stick them. But we’re really doing it totally differently. Exactly. Right.

Yeah. It struck me when he asked the question, just what you just said that I would I would have answered in a certain way. And I may have thrown me because not everybody has a ton of cash, you know, just sitting off to the side. But it was it was obvious, I kind of chuckled to myself, when I started answering the question that it was a stark difference to what I would have thought previously.

Yeah, yeah. Well, I’m just so I’m so excited for you. And I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am. of you. I can say, you know, from my perspective, watching, generally, at least from my perspective, you’re a pretty chill kind of guy. But I’ve seen you know, like the, the weight of of doubt or concern on your mind at certain times in this journey. And I sense an overall higher like, just more of a lightness right now. So I’m so glad for that. And I’m super excited to see where you continue to go and just know the journey will continue to have ups and downs. There will be times when I look at you and see your brow furrowed and, but that’s okay. Because now you you’ve gone, you’ve done a whole lap here, you’re like, Wow, this is totally possible. Now the point is just to keep replicating as much as I can. So congratulations on your success. And obviously, it is just a function of your just dedication, this process and continuing to be consistent with it and just keep going. And that’s a massive inspiration to me and to everybody else in this workshop and anybody else who’s a real estate entrepreneur out there trying to trying to get some traction.

I appreciate that. Yeah, this is it’s not necessarily an easy journey. But it’s a journey worth taking from my from my point of view, so you know, shameless plug. You know, come to the come to the deals. A workshop because what you get out of it is absolutely huge. Not just monetarily. Monetarily is one aspect of that, right. But just the enrichment of talking with other like minded people is absolutely huge in mindset, right change, which, you know, the monetary side of things, I think is eventually going to come if you’re if you’re doing the work. But the mindset changes. It’s, it’s huge.

Absolutely. Awesome. Well, thank you for the kind words there again, congratulations, and thanks for taking some time to share this story with everybody to

Absolutely, thank you.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that conversation. It’s just a very, very real life example of how things go in this business with this approach to acquiring and financing real estate, the entrepreneurial journey as a whole. And I’m just so proud of Michael and all along. I’m not just saying this, in hindsight, but really all along, I could see, he was doing all the right things every week, every month. And while he might have hoped that some of the things would have come together a little sooner, he stuck with it and amazing results have come and I can only imagine what is ahead and down the road. For Michael. If you are curious at all about the deals workshop, just go to the deals workshop.com. And you can find out more about what we do and how we do it and how you might be a fit to join us in that program. That’s it for today’s episode of racking up rentals. Again shownotes can be found at thoughtful our e.com/e 146 Please do us a big favor by hitting the subscribe or the Follow button in your podcast app and rating. And reviewing the show. I do see all of those ratings and reviews and I really, personally appreciate them so much. Did you know we have a Facebook group for thoughtful real estate entrepreneurs. Yeah, come on. We need you in that group. We need your contributions and we want you to hear what we’re talking about over there. We’re talking about a lot of seller financing and off market acquisition types of topics. So just go to group dot thoughtful rt.com. And we’ll redirect you right to that page on Facebook and you can join if you liked this episode, please take a screenshot and post it on Instagram. Tag us we’re at thoughtful real estate. So I’ll see you in the next episode. Until then this is Jeff from the thoughtful real estate entrepreneur signing off. Thanks for listening to racking up rentals where we build long term wealth by being when when dealmakers remember solve the person to unlock the deal, and solve the financing to unlock the profits.

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