Where is the best place to learn real estate investing?

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Many people ask, “where is the best place to learn real estate investing?”  These days, there are a lot of places to learn.  Today, information is everywhere:  podcasts, videos, YouTube, books, articles, everything, Instagram. You can learn about real estate investing anywhere…and that’s actually kind of the problem.

One challenge is a concept we all are aware of—the concept of information overload. The problem is no longer a lack of information; it’s the crushing flood of information.  

The other challenging and troubling element is that today, it’s so easy to create content that you don’t necessarily know how credible the author is when you are reading it, watching it or listening to it. Take this article for instance; we didn’t have to spend thousands of dollars, or contact dozens of different publishers in order to get this message out to you. It’s easy and quick to publish. 

As a result of this, the biggest question becomes, “who do you choose to listen to?” There are so many voices out there, but as you really start to look at the landscape of real estate investing education and information, you’ll find that some of these voices really resonate with you, while others don’t.

We suggest that the biggest question you ask yourself is, “which school of thought fits best to me? Which one feels like it aligns the most with my goals on a tangible level, and the tools, and structures, and the strategies that are going to get me there?” 

Perhaps even more importantly, ask yourself “which school of thought and which approach feels like it actually matches who I am as a human, how I think, how I act, how I see myself? Which educators out there are the ones who feel like they’re the most like me in terms of my personality, and my approach to life, and everything else like that?”

Look for a school of thought that you can join, that you can belong to, that you can subscribe to.  When you do that, you’ll be able to sort out the big landscape of real estate training, and decide where the best place to learn real estate investing is.

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